Top 3 Natural Breast Enlargement Methods You Should Know About

Sociological as well as product studies have shown that majority of adult women believe that their life can be enhanced if they have larger breasts. While this notion has become the subject of many debates and criticisms, the fact remains that many women want bigger breasts and that most of them are willing to go to certain lengths in order to achieve such goal.

In the past couple of decades, breast augmentation has become a popular choice for women who want to improve their looks and gain more self-confidence. However, since surgery carries a lot of risk, not to mention the brunt of expense that can rack up to $20,000, women are now starting to favor less invasive methods such as natural breast enlargement.
For those women who are contemplating breast enhancement, it is important to understand the relevant facts about natural enlargement, especially the specific types of methods available as of today.

Below are some of the top facts about natural breast enlargement, as well as brief descriptions of some of the most popular enhancement products in the market.

What Exactly Does Natural Breast Enlargement Entail?

This particular method is one that precludes the use of artificial elements, i.e. Saline or silicone implants, or performing any kind of surgery (major or minor procedures included) that poses immediate as well as long-term health risks. Simply put, natural breast enhancement is all about utilizing what Mother Nature provides, whether it is in a form of herbal supplements or topical solutions.

What are the Popular Choices in Natural Breast Enlargement?

Herbal Based Oral Supplements

Enhancement pills have been dominating the market for some time now, as more and more women are subscribing to alternative methods of getting larger breasts. Herbal-based pills are largely popular since they are safe and easy to use, not to mention infinitely cheaper than getting breast implants. However, consumers should know that not all supplements work, so they should be aware of what ingredients to look for when shopping for this type of product.

Among the most effective active ingredients for breast enhancement pills include (but are not limited to) the following:

Blessed Thistle-

This herb is widely used to combat indigestion as well as to boost appetite. However, it is also used to increase the flow of milk during lactation (popular in ancient times) and stimulate growth of cells in the breast tissue, which results to increased size.

Dong Quai-

This Chinese herb is largely used for providing pain relief, especially during menstrual cramps. It is a very popular active ingredient in herbal breast enhancement pills as it also stimulates the production of estrogen, which aids in increasing breast size.

Fennel Seeds-

This common kitchen ingredient is good not only for making excellent pasta dishes, but also for promoting cell growth. It contains a sizable concentration of the compound dianethole and photoanethole, which is necessary for the production of estrogen in the body.

Fenugreek Seeds-

Also known as Methi seeds, Fenugreek is a good source of Diosgenin, which can be converted into estrogen and progesterone. This ingredient is usually found not only in pills but also in topical solutions such as creams and serums.

Wild Yam or Mexican Yam-

Plant derived estrogen makes for an excellent raw material for any natural breast enhancement product, which is why Wild Yam is one of the most popular ingredients used by manufacturers today. This is also used to help women recapture their youth after they entered the menopause stage.

Bovine Ovary Extract-

While there has yet to be a definitive study about the level of effectiveness of this ingredient; there have been strong indications that bovine ovary extract can stimulate the pituitary gland into producing more prolactin and growth hormones.

Pueraria Mirifica-

This indigenous plant that grows in Thailand contains compounds such as deoxymiroestrol and miroestrol, both of which simulate effects that are similar to what estrogen does to the body.

Saw Palmetto-

This is another growth-inducing ingredient that is used in formulating pills as well as creams and gels.

Topical Solutions

In addition to oral supplements, topical breast enhancers have also become very popular in the market, especially on the internet. These products usually come in gel, cream, or serum form and are applied directly (massaged) onto the breasts. Many consumers prefer to use this product instead of oral supplements, although there is no definitive proof that topical breast enhancers work better than pills, or vice versa. In fact, most ingredients found in herbal breast enlargement pills are the same ones used in formulating serums/gels so it is move of a lateral move to choose the latter.

In some cases, natural enhancement therapies use a combination of pills and creams in order to achieve better results. This is highly beneficial since the body can absorb the nutrients via the skin as well as through ingestion.

Fat Transfer Method

A few experts (and consumers) remain on the fence with this type of breast enhancement method. Many are convinced that the Fat Transfer Method cannot be considered natural since it is preceded with liposuction. However, the fact is that Fat Transfer only involves the use of the patient's own fat deposits so there is no foreign material involved in the procedure.

Fat grafting involves extracting fat from other areas of the body, usually the thighs, arms, and butt, and transferring it to both breasts. The fat is cells undergo purification (and mixed with stem cells) prior to injection to ensure that the body does not reject it.
This method is highly recommended to women who are looking to get immediate results and do not have qualms about spending good money on such a procedure. However, certain conditions must be met (weight, age, state of health) so it would be ideal to consult with a doctor before deciding to go through with the process.

When deciding which natural breast enlargement method to use, it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons. Among the most relevant factors to consider, include cost, rate of progress, and potential side effects. Once you have decided on the method to use, be sure to keep your expectations to a minimum and pay close attention to how your body responds.

How To Increase Breast Size Naturally

If you have always had small breasts, then it is understandable that you would want to do all that you could to increase the size of your breasts naturally. By taking a natural approach, you can avoid the embarrassment of breast enhancement surgery consultation, and you can actually begin increasing the size of your breasts gradually so that the change is not so apparent to those around you.

There are a number of different benefits to going about this yourself rather than undergoing surgery, not least of which is that natural breast enhancement is painless, significantly safer, and completely under your control.

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