Women’s Heart Health Tips

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Most women are unaware that the leading cause of death in women is not breast cancer, but rather heart disease. Armed with this knowledge, women today must pay closer attention to their bodies, what they put into them, and how they use them.

Women’s lifestyles today are vastly different from those of a generation ago. Women are working and raising families. In today’s society, there is also an increase in single motherhood. With all of the stress placed on women, it is no surprise that heart disease is one of their leading causes of death.

A woman’s best friend is time.

Have you ever noticed how many women nowadays are food shopping, talking on the phone, and tending to a small child while writing something down? Women nowadays are masters of multitasking. But, to what end?

A woman has the superpower of being able to find time for everyone and everything, except for the most important woman in her life – herself.

Finding time to instill good habits is not only important for a woman’s health, but also for the health of her family. Who will look after your family if you don’t look after yourself?


Take a few extra minutes in the morning to pack some healthy snacks. It could be as simple as a few carrot sticks or a handful of nuts and grapes. Perhaps shopping for these extra healthy snacks and putting them in a separate bag to take to work on Sunday evening will be enough to start your week on the right foot.


Exercise is essential, as common sense dictates. One hour per week is an excellent starting point. One hour per week is a small investment that will pay dividends in both health and attitude. You will most likely notice that you feel better after that one hour and will want to commit to doing it more often.

Put a timer on your calendar for one hour per week to exercise, even if it’s just a brisk walk during lunch.

And if you have the option of taking the stairs instead of the elevator, do so. Allow yourself five minutes extra per day to walk to work. During nice weather, get off the subway or bus one stop earlier and walk a short distance.

Be held responsible by your sister, husband, children, or best friend. Include them in your pledge and ask them to hold you accountable.


When you start incorporating some type of cardio into your daily routine, you will find yourself wanting to do more. Cardio has numerous advantages, ranging from improved heart health to increased mental clarity and better sleep.

With all of these advantages, why not think about your loved ones and put heart health on your to-do list today?

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